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Numerical Modelling of Stratification in Lake Constance with the 1-D hydrodynamic model DYRESM

Numerical models assist in the understanding of the complex interactions of physical, chemical and biological processes taking place in a lake. A validated model may be employed as a tool in the management of a lake. For example, the model may be capable to predict the consequences of a climate change, a reduced nutrient load or the fate of a contaminant spilled into the lake.
While a three-dimensional model is commonly used for detailed but short simulations of single events, the one-dimensional model DYRESM is used for seasonal or long-term simulations of the vertical salinity and temperature distribution. The accurate simulation of salinity and temperature is a crucial prerequisite to couple a water-quality model to DYRESM that models nutrients, plankton and suspended solids. DYRESM is virtually calibration free and has a very short run time.

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